An interesting read from @GeoffColvin about successful leadership.


How to Think Like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett
By Geoff Colvin, Senior Editor at Large 

One of the most important decisions every leader makes every day is how to spend his or her time. I’ve noticed that highly successful CEOs often allocate their time in unconventional ways. It makes sense; if they used their time like CEOs in the broad middle of the distribution, they wouldn’t get results way out on the right-hand tail.

The issue comes to mind as former Microsoft CEO and world’s richest person Bill Gates on Tuesday announced his annual suggestion for a summer reading list – books he has read in the past year that he recommends because he found them gripping and they “made me think in new ways.” This year the list includes a science fiction novel in which the moon blows up as well as books by a mathematician and a biochemist. Plenty of CEOs read books, obviously, but not many do it like Gates. He devours them. As CEO, he scheduled a week each year at a quiet location where he would be entirely undisturbed so he could just read and think.

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