What do Ban Ki-moon, Justin Trudeau, Usher and Bill Gates have in common? Global health diplomacy

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By Gabrielle Fitzgerald and Peter Small When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hosted a funding conference in September for The Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, nearly $13 billion was raised. That’s enough to save 8 million lives. Money of that magnitude doesn’t just magically appear. Getting to the…

Actions Speak Louder than Words: Putting Women Front and Center in Global Health

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At the recent Women Deliver conference, 5,000 people gathered in Copenhagen to talk about putting women and girls at the center of development. Women’s health issues were front and center, and many people emphasized the importance of Sustainable Development Goal #5:  Gender Equality. Last week, many of these same leaders made their…

Six Reasons Why You Should Still Care About Ebola

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Since early 2014, Ebola has infected about 27,600 people and caused more than 11,200 deaths. And this outbreak is not over. To put this in perspective, the largest outbreak ever recorded previously was 425 cases in Uganda. Last month, I visited Sierra Leone and Guinea, and continue to be impressed…

21st Century Tools To Tackle Ebola and Improve Health

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One year ago, Guinea reported its last case of Ebola. After the 42-day monitoring period, there was a collective sigh of relief. International health experts packed their bags to go home. On day 50, a new Ebola case was discovered. Since then, Ebola has continued to be unpredictable and devastating….

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